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MegaGen, awarding the KOTRA Export Innovation View
Title MegaGen, awarding the KOTRA Export Innovation
Writer Megagen
Date 2017-07-17
Hit 1917

[▲ Jae-Hong Kim, President of KOTRA (left) and Myung-Won Baek, Vice president of MegaGen Implant ]

Thanks to the enthusiasm and effort of distributors in many countries, MegaGen Implant (CEO; Kwang-Bum Park) won the KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) Export Innovation Award on June 23rd.

The Export Innovation Award spreads the best-practices of domestic companies that have contributed to the recovery of exports by developing export markets with innovative products and creative marketing techniques or getting success in export companies. Also, it is the prize that many small & medium-sized companies are recommended to utilize it actively.

The MegaGen Implant, which is the largest shareholder in Jordan, was successfully held in MEASM in Jordan in April, with more than 350 dentists and it was also highlighted by 10 media under KOTRA co-operation.

In three years after entering Jordan, the MegaGen Implant has achieved the top share and awarded this prize with a growth of more than 300% since its first entry into the Middle East market including Jordan.

With strong aspirations, Gwang-Bum Park: the CEO of MegaGen Implant said, “through aggressive marketing in overseas, we are striving to increase our market share in more countries.”

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