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Chile & Colombia Dr. Jong-Cheol Kim’s R2 Seminar View
Title Chile & Colombia Dr. Jong-Cheol Kim’s R2 Seminar
Writer Megagen
Date 2017-01-13
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- Learn all about R2GATE and become No. 1 R2GATE country-


Dr. Jong-Cheol Kim’s R2GATE Road Show (December 2nd~5th ) was successfully done with 100 Chilen and Colombian dentists.

He lectured on “One Day Implant _The next Paradigm Shift Scientific and Clinical Rational” in both Chile (December 2nd at Intercontinental Santiago, Chile) and Colombia (December 5th at Cinemateca-Museo La Tertuia, Cali, Colombia) and Dr. Gutierrez lectured on R2 Case review using R2 Guided surgery on the 2nd.


Chilen dentists showed greatest interests in edentulous cases like all-on-4 and all-on-6 especially, and Colombian denstist were attracted with R2 Lite for short manufacture and shipping period with simple order process.


It was a great opportunity to show off the excellence of R2GATE software. We will do our best to be the no. 1 in both Chilen and Colombian market. 

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