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MegaGen Implant New Factory Grand Open View
Title MegaGen Implant New Factory Grand Open
Writer Megagen
Date 2018-01-12
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MegaGen Implant New Factory Grand Open

MegaGen Implant has completed a new factory in Daegu. Taking this opportunity, MegaGen is resolutely determined to grow into a global top 5 implant company as achieving $4.6 billion in sales by 2025.

MegaGen has signed a business agreement with Daegu City for the construction of a new dental implant factory and a new research institute and after the construction started in December 2015, the headquarters and the production plant were completed in the high-tech industrial complex in Daegu in 2 years, and the operation was started. The headquarters and the production plant were built as a 5-story building with a total floor area of 21,871㎡.

MegaGen has solved the problem that was not fully automated in dental implant manufacturing due to the limit of existing factory site. MegaGen has installed cutting-edge automation equipment in the entire production process and has more than four times the production capacity of existing Gyeongsan factory.

On the other hand, MegaGen held a ceremony for the completion of the new building on January 5, inviting 280 people from home and abroad.

A lot of honoured guests, including Young Jin Kwon, the mayor of Daegu, Young Hwan Jin, the chief of the Daegu Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Cheol Soo kim, the president of Korean Dental Association, 80 overseas dealer and so on, graced the ceremony with their presence.

CEO, Dr. Park said, "MegaGen, with 350 employees, is expected to increase to 500 in the near future through technological developments and market expansion." And “By 2025 all employees will do their best to become an implant company in the top 5 in the world and an implant company that will last 100 years," he said.

MegaGen accounts for 40% of the sales portion in the European market, and has risen explosively from 2011 to 2017, with an annual average growth rate of 25% while the average growth rate of the implant market is 6.7%.

According to MegaGen, the number of customers in 30 countries in 2012 reached to 90 countries last year.

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