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The 3rd MegaGen MEASM in Dubai View
Title The 3rd MegaGen MEASM in Dubai
Writer Megagen
Date 2018-04-08
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The 3rd MegaGen MEASM(Middle East & Africa Scientific Meeting) in Dubai

- Digital Smile : Biology and Technology Combined –

The 3rd MEASM was held at Shangri-La hotel, Dubai on February 5th with about 300 participants from 20 different countries of Middle East and Africa region, CIS and Europe; 9 lecturers covered successful applications of MegaGen products on their clinical cases, and know-hows with all participants.

Through this event, MegaGen is able to expand the market share through branding MegaGen in Middle East area and pave the way to enhance MegaGen users’ loyalty by celebrating AnyRidge 10th Anniversary. Also, as of the pioneer in digital dentistry field, MegaGen satisfied participants with the event’s them and lecture topics MegaGen is  looking forward to the greater expansion of R2GATE market in Middle East Area.

After the end of the lecture, MegaGen had Giveaway Prize Ceremony and Welcome Reception & MegaGen Night; everyone from MegaGen and clinicians from all over the world had fun interacting with each other, sharing their stories, perspectives, and experience.


MegaGen will continuously hold MEASM as an annual event with MINEC speakers and Middle East and Africa users to expand our experience-sharing. 

Before and after the list
Before MegaGen Implant in AEEDC Dubai 2018
After MegaGen Implant New Factory Grand Open