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MegaGen Implant in AEEDC Dubai 2018 View
Title MegaGen Implant in AEEDC Dubai 2018
Writer Megagen
Date 2018-04-08
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MegaGen Implant in AEEDC Dubai 2018

AEEDC exhibition was held in Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center from February 6th to 8th. MegaGen has created an opportunity to acquire a large number of candidates for the countries that want to trade through this exhibition and establish a clear identify for the MegaGen Digital business.

A lot of visitors showed their interest in R2GATE, Digital Equipment (Meg-Priner2, Ti-CAM, White-CAM, etc.), AnyRidge, Meg-Series Instruments and other main MegaGen products prepared at the booth. 

In addition, MegaGen has launched new products such as Easy extraction Kit. and prepared a special promotion for the 10 year AnyRidge anniversary.

The MegaGen representative said it is good chance to show the brand's status and new products by participating in the AEECD.

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