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MegaGen Asian-Pacific Symposium 2018 View
Title MegaGen Asian-Pacific Symposium 2018
Writer Megagen
Date 2018-04-08
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MegaGen Asian-Pacific Symposium 2018

- A New Ground of Implant Dentistry- 

The MegaGen Asian-Pacific Symposium was held at MegaGen New Factory, Korea on March 18th with 300 participants. In 9 lecturers, their successful applications of MegaGen products on their clinical cases, and know-hows were shared with all participants.

In particular, it was meaningful that the symposium was held at MegaGen Implant New Factory, and participants could enjoy with various events; including production line tours and cultural performances.

In the symposium, 8 speakers attended this event and gave the useful lectures. Dr. Kwang Bum Park lectured about all kind of implant with 30 years long-term clinical data. Dr. Jong Cheol Kim presented digital oral design using R2GATE. In addition, at the live surgery session, Dr. Jong Cheol Kim showed the root membrane technique and guide surgery and introduced a variety of digital techniques. He introduced a simple guide that can be easily produced, and it was able to receive a warm response from the attendees.

This symposium was a great opportunity to introduce MegaGen as a total healthcare innovator.

MegaGen Implant released various new products at the symposium such as 'S2 Option' (for second molar implant), '3shape', 'Hybrid UI system CAD' (EXOCAD compatible product), 'IS3', 'M-DENT', 'Dent Plus', and Full Attachment Line-up (Meg-Ball, Meg-Magnet, Meg-Loc, Meg-Rhein).


Even some Asian countries attended this event; such as Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Many dentists were satisfied with the lectures and MegaGen products. I sincerely thank all the dentists and distributors who attended the Asia Pacific Symposium.

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