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MegaGen Japan AnyRidge Launching Seminar View
Title MegaGen Japan AnyRidge Launching Seminar
Writer Megagen
Date 2016-11-07
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MegaGen Japan AnyRidge Launching Seminar

- AnyRidge for Strong initial stability & R2GATE for Accurate virtual planning -


On October 10th, MegaGen Implant had MegaGen Japan AnyRidge Launching Seminar at Tokyo. More than 300 Japanese dentists participated in this seminar and 3 European lecturers and 4 Japanese MegaGen KOL had presented their clinical cases.


Attracted by MegaGen

   With a theme of ‘For the Ultimate aim of Minimally Invasive Surgery,’ Dr. Kwang-Bum park (Daegu MIR Dental Hospital) lectured on Biology driven implant design for less invasive & more natural implant outcome’ and demonstrated the advantages of AnyRidge and its long term case to show off the excellence of our product. 

   Dr. Jong-Choel Kim (Daegu MIR Dental Hospital) lectured on On-going R2Gate inovations from last 5 years’ to look back last 5 years of R2GATE history and introduced R2GATE lite online application; it is the mobile version of R2GATE software for your convience to check, confirm, and edit R2 virtual diagnosis at anytime, anywhere. 

Professor Thomas Han (USA; University of Southern California) lectured on Predictable, Soft and Hard Tissue Management for Complex Esthetic Cases in Implant Dentistry,’ and Dr. Yoshihara Hayashi (Japan) lectured on ‘インプラント治療のパラダイムシフト‘ and shared his clinical know-hows. Also, Dr. Miltiadis Mitsias (Greece) lectured on ‘Thinking out of the box: The root membrane technique’ and received an applause through communication with audiences. 


Increase on credibility via clinical cases from Japanese dentists

  In this seminar Japanese lecturers: Dr .Yusuke Kawazoe, Dr.Seiji Aruga, and Dr.Masayuki Nakamura have presented their AnyRidge clinical cases with a title of ‘安全で低侵襲な治療を可能にするAnyRidge implantの臨床_

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