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Middle East Group Korea Tour Semina View
Title Middle East Group Korea Tour Semina
Writer Megagen
Date 2016-12-02
Hit 2015

Middle East Group Korea Tour Semina

-Jordan, Eygpt, Kuwait with AnyRidge System& i-Gen clinical know-hows-

As more and more Middle Eastern users are showing their interests on MegaGen products, we have invited 80 dentists and held a seminar on November 22nd~24th at the Seminar Room in DaeGu MIR Dental Hospital to demonstrate the various applications and know-hows of AnyRidge system and i-Gen products.

‘AnyRidge System design specialty with soft tissue management’ (Dr. Kwang-Bum Park), ‘Introduction of MegaGen GBR & i-Gen Products’ (Dr. Seong-Eon Kim) demonstrated the general concept of MegaGen products and their applications on Long-Term cases. On the next day, the applications of the products using R2GATE Guide during live surgery gave deeper understanding on how they can be used on difficult cases. Also, Dr. Dae-Hee Kim gave a special lecture on ‘Unrefusable Surface treatment AnyRidge Xpeed’. 


It was a very good opportunity to show off the excellence of MegaGen products. Also, we have provided visitors with MIR Dental Hospital/MegaGen HQ factory tour, and cultural experience time as well to give them the best and informative time in Korea.

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