Dr. Kwang Bum Park’s biography publication, “I am a dentist”

2020-11-10 17:23
2020-11-10 17:23

The autobiography “I am a Dentist,” published in May by Dr. Kwang Bum Park(Daegu Mir Dental Clinic, CEO of MegaGen), started selling online, Amazon kindle edition. It has been published in English, Japanese and Lithuanian language.

In his book, Dr. Park looks back on his 35-year dental life, wrote the establishment of the Mir Dental Hospital and the opening all the Mir Dental Clinic nationwide. Also establishment and management of MegaGen Implant, corporate expansion, first listing failure, and the process of resolving disputes after a large company's investment is described.

Not only that, but also personal histories such as time at school, military life, love affairs, and marriage are sincerely included, and various subjects such as “students who want to become dentists” and “patients dissatisfied with dental treatment” are included.

MegaGen said, "This book is popular among dentists and the general public through fresh and exciting contents, and is a recommended book for people who want to be a dentist.

“I am a dentist” is displayed in all Korean major bookstore and kindle edition can be found on Amazon.com


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