MegaGen launches 'BLUEDIAMOND IMPLANT®', Masterpiece of Implant Technology

2021-03-16 18:16
2021-03-16 18:16

MegaGen Implant Co., Ltd. (CEO Kwang-bum Park, hereinafter MegaGen) has launched 'BLUEDIAMOND IMPLANT®', an implant that is more powerful than existing (conventional) implants.

Advanced implant system for the digital age

BLUEDIAMOND® implants are MegaGen’s premium implant system based on a new loading protocol with proven results from over 10 years. Leveraging all the strong points of AnyRidge, BLUEDIAMOND® implants have been enhanced to provide a long-term solution to the mechanical and biological complications that are currently challenging implant dentistry.

With an ever increasing number of users around the world, BLUEDIAMOND® implants enable fast implant treatment and provide patients with excellent new teeth that are esthetic, functional and long-lasting.

‧ Super strong pure titanium body, stronger than a strong implant

‧ Excellent initial stability in any bone density

‧ Faster & stronger osseointegration

‧ Proven stability of surface treatment

‧ Less reduction & more preservation of cortical bone

‧ Wider implant possibilities than crestal width

‧ No changes in alveolar crest

‧ Minimal retraction of peri-implant marginal gingiva

‧ Aesthetic design for prosthesis

‧ Precise implant-prosthesis thanks to Unique X-FIT connection

‧ Minimized screw loosening & No misconnection

‧ Convenient surgical kit

Stronger than any other implant
BLUEDIAMOND® implants are made of pure medical Grade 4 titanium (coldworked) that has been clinically proven for more than 20 years to provide biocompatibility and ensure long-term survival when linked to an implant design with improved strength. Notably, combining a higher compressive strength and fatigue strength safeguards the long-term mechanical stability of the implant.

High initial stability for immediate placement in all bone types

The unique KnifeThread® and super self-tapping design features provide superior initial stability in any compromised bone situation. The option of different thread depths (regular or deep) and special KnifeThread® design enable easy implant placement with good primary stability in ALL bone densities. BLUEDIAMOND IMPLANT®’ was applied the design for less bone stress with different thread depth to the same core body. On the top of that this implants have various fixture diameter for all size of teeth which enable the implant to be placed even larger osteotomy sockets.

XPEED surface treatment is a unique technology from MegaGen.

MegaGen is only the company that awarded ‘Clean Implant Trusted Quality Award’ for 5 consecutive years in Korea and possesses the technology, XPEED® surface treatment,that completely neutralized and removes any acid residue resulting in unique blue surface color.

BLUEDIAMOND® implants undergo a special process of Ca2+ ion deposition on the implant surface, following S-L-A surface treatment of pure medical Grade 4 titanium which produces excellent results, fast & strong osseointegration with clinical results from over 10 years and immediately high & sustained ISQ Values. On the top of that this new implants have ideal roughness value (Ra 1.8- 2.5μm) that ensures more uniform bone growth.


Accurate positioning & excellent prosthetic connection

BLUEDIAMOND® implants have a unique X-FITTM connection with a 30° internal conical connection & double-fastened internal structure of an arch keystone & octa combination. Devised from architectural principles, the arch-type keystone improves long-term mechanical stability with high resistance to external compressive forces, such as mastication, and an excellent stress dispersion effect.
Furthermore, the position of the abutment can be precisely rotated in 45° increments (8 positions), allowing accurate positioning, especially when using an angled abutment. So it enables to reduce unnecessary chair time with a prosthetic design that minimized screw loosening.

Designed to be minimally invasive

BLUEDIAMOND® implants do not rely on cortical bone for initial stability. By reducing the stress applied to the cortical bone, this prevents bone resorption that occurs after fixture placement. The coronal design of BLUEDIAMOND® implants preserves more cortical bone around the fixture, resulting in a beautiful gingival line, along with fast and strong osseointegration.

Better esthetics & prosthetic line-up

The prosthetic line-up includes a variety of sizes to satisfy all clinical needs, covering overdentures, all on 4(6), digital, as well as general prosthetics.

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