MegaGen's bone graft material, 'Bone Matrix Ⅰ'

2021-04-21 11:06
2021-04-21 11:06

Challenging Spongious bovine bone! CE Approved 

‘Bone Matrix I’ has high clinical satisfaction by maintaining the volume stability and shortening the healing period due to the rapid growth of new bones.

Not only has the characteristics of a synthetic bone graft material, but also has well-developed macro-pores which blood and stem cells flow into, and micro-pores which tissue fluid and growth factors enter into. Particularly, the particle strength was reinforced by having a more constant shape of the granule by using a method that enables the shape of the macro pores to form regularly.

A natural bone-shaped and rounded design prevents becoming powder during transport it and less perforation of the maxilla sinus membrane is a great advantage during crestal approach because there’s no sharp area on it.

With MegaGen’s raw material synthesis technology, unlike other synthetic bone graft materials, Bone Matrix I is a BCP bone graft material which is synthesized by HA and β-TCP in a ratio of 60:40.

According to an official from MegaGen, the HA component (containing 60%) can effectively maintain the volume of the defective area by holding the skeleton until the new bone tissue is structurally stable, and β-TCP (containing 40%) is absorbed along with the growth of new bone and diffuses the adhesion surface of new osteoblasts through ion exchange from rapid dissolution.

As such, the two ingredients are mixed in an optimal ratio and are effectively used in various clinical cases.

Bone Matrix I provides optimal conditions for new bone formation due to its high porosity, large surface area, and excellent wettability. Through this, it exhibits excellent performance in the maxillary sinus, which is susceptible to infection and can be widely used in the treatment of anterior teeth, periodontal treatment, root coverage, ridge augmentation, and bone defect treatment. It can also be used for composite grafts that are mixed with autogenous or allograft during GBR.

MegaGen says that “Bone Matrix I is receiving good reviews among clinicians for better blood wettability and excellent shape retention by particle strength than other existing products.