2021 MegaGen Online Education Season 2 is Now Available

2021-05-27 16:31
2021-05-27 16:31

As technology develops at a fast pace, change towards the digital era is an inevitable global trend. Digital dentistry will only become more efficient and user-friendly, allowing dental professionals to work in a smarter way than before.

By putting digital technology to the front and focusing on online education contents, MegaGen diversifies strategic business structures to develop its value as a total healthcare innovator. To stay ahead as a game-changer in digital dentistry, MegaGen will never stop innovating digital technologies and providing advanced digital products. Along with this, MegaGen continues to provide online lectures and now came back with 2021 Online Education Season2, 'Digitally Transforming Dentistry'    

We open the online lectures from May to June 2021, please visit http://global.megagen.co.kr/ to check out what we prepared for you. 4 eminent speakers, Dr. Marcus Engelschalk (Germany), Dr. Isaac Tawil (U.S.A), Dr. Sam Omar (Egypt), Dr. Sangwoo Ham (Canada), give you informative lectures on digital dentistry. Once you complete this online education, MegaGen will provide you with the CPD points certified by CPD U.K. Through this online education, you can keep up with the latest and useful digital dentistry technologies and get the CPD point at the same time. So this will kill the two birds with one stone.

MegaGen is planning the 2nd Online Forum in September with the theme “Make Implant Treatment Simple” to provide useful surgical techniques. It focuses on not only digital technologies but also advanced implant treatment. Now, we are working on providing participants with the CPD points after this upcoming forum as well. MegaGen kindly invites you all to its diverse online programs, and we look forward to meeting you here again.

Now we are experiencing 'New Normal' through COVID-19, Digital workflow is becoming 'New Normal' in the dental industry.  The application of digital technology in dentistry enables dental professionals to improve the complicated and cumbersome process, as well as shorten the period of dental treatment. MegaGen is trying to establish itself as a global leader to provide the best services and values to our customers in the era of 'Digital Dentistry’.

This lecture series will give you ideas on how to manage your digital workflow in everyday dental practice.