DDS (Digital Dentistry Society), MegaGen’s Global Business Partner

2021-07-08 11:47
2021-07-08 11:47

DDS (Digital Dentistry Society), MegaGen’s Global Business Partner

Digital dentistry is now an inevitable global trend, to live up to this change, MegaGen keeps innovating digital technologies and providing advanced digital products.

On top of that, MegaGen strives to deliver a high level of online education and materials to the people related to this dentistry field. By putting digital technology to the front MegaGen is collaborating and cooperating with diverse global partners like DDS (Digital Dentistry Society) which is based in Italy.

Strategic business partnerships enable teams to bring synergy effects and benefit every part of alliances. Businesses can broaden their relevance and increase their addressable market by merging talent, expertise, technology, and purpose.

The DDS, Digital Dentistry Society International, is a non-profit organization meant to be the reference, validate and spread constantly the highest-level digital scientific education and services to dental students, dentists, dental technicians worldwide.

DDS has about 8000 members from all around the world, and shares their online contents & learning programs, as well as interacting with their global partners like MegaGen.

As a global gold partner of DDS since 2018, MegaGen is working with DDS on the common purpose of spreading up-to-date information and advanced digital technologies for present and future clients. Along with that, MegaGen continues to provide useful online lectures and introduce the latest technologies through on-offline events.

For the successful MegaGen's events, DDS cooperates by advertising MegaGen's educational contents and events on their marketing platforms such as website, social media, newsletters to their global society members and subscribers in the dentistry field.

MegaGen also participates in the DDS major event, the international congress of the DDS, to share advanced and latest market information as well as taking opportunities to socialize and network with the market leaders. The event will be held in Cernobbio from 4 to 6 November 2021 and the program will be rich in scientific content with internationally renowned speakers and with topics of great interest in digital dentistry.

DDS and MegaGen are planning to collaborate on online video lectures about innovative products or technologies that lead to clinical or scientific results by the end of this year.

By pursuing a common goal through this strategic partnership and contributing to accelerating the era of digital dentistry, MegaGen and DDS will play a key role in the global digital dentistry market.