MegaGen Implant, 4 Innovations at 2021 IDS in Germany

2021-10-08 18:24
2021-10-08 18:24

Megagen Implant (CEO Park Kwang-bum) participated the 2021 International Dental Show (IDS) held in Cologne, Germany for four days from September 22 to 25, and the event was successfully completed. Although the exhibition scale and number of visitors at this 'International Dental Show (IDS)' has drastically decreased due to the Covid-19 situation, many visitors and buyers visited MegaGen booth which is strong in the European market during the exhibition period

In this exhibition, MegaGen received the spotlight with the main slogan of 'You Just Dream, WE DO IT!' and the booth consisted of 4 different zones with innovative products and technologies, Zone 1 Chairside Digital Dentistry, Zone 2 Another Innovations of AnyRidge®, Zone 3 N2, The First Class, Zone 4 Sterlink®, Incredible Speed of Sterilization

On Zone ‘Chair-side Digital Dentistry’, MegaGen has shown the innovation from the process which it goes from i700 – R2GATE – Milling Machine. In particular, a lot of attention was paid to the newly introduced PMMA Abutment and TiGEN Abutment. PMMA Abutment is integrated with Ti-base, and it’s possible to select safe cuff size with healing abutment. So it’s available to have customized prosthetics which it perfectly fits with the emergence profile. Also, no cement work is required. TiGEN Abutment already has same cuff size as healing abutment, so it’s possible to have a custom abutment that fits emergence profile. By reducing the process, the result is completed in 8 to 10 minutes. Even the user is beginner, they can simply approach due to its library.

In the Implant exhibition space, AnyRidge and BlueDiamond Implant has been shown to the visitors. A new addition from AnyRidge, BlueDiamond maintains the advantage of AnyRidge and it has stronger strength. BlueDiamond Implant shows 200% stronger strength than other products, and by applying X-FIT technology(30° Internal Conical Connection) and Arch-type Keystone, it guarantees more accurate and complete fastening. In addition, by applying our Xpeed surface treatment technology, you can expect faster and stronger osseointegration and increasing ISQ value.

The aesthetically advantageous RC-BASE Abutment and Anatomic Healing Abutment were exhibited and received a great response from visitors. By innovating the design of the abutment for esthetic fastening during anterior SCRP, RC-BASE Abutment provides better esthetic results when placing anterior implants because the screw hole is located on the back of the tooth. In the case of Anatomic Healing Abutment, it helps to form an emergency profile like a natural tooth after implant placement.

The N2 unit chair, which is already gaining popularity in domestic dentistry, was introduced to the overseas market through IDS. The wide doctor table is attached and mobile cart is applied on the N2 chair, which enables doctors to have sufficient space for the operation or treatment, as well as 43-inch large screen and other key features were exhibited so that visitors can directly check the advantages. The newly introduced dual light was received positive responses and also purchase order has been placed.

Lastly, the Sterlink plasma sterilizer, the world's first sterilization process in 7 minutes, has advantage of minimizing damage to instruments thanks to a lower temperature sterilization process and the compared to the existing autoclave.

A MegaGen Implant official said, “MegaGen Implant reconfirmed its position as the No. 1 exporter to Europe/US among domestic implant manufacturers through this 2021 IDS.“

As a total healthcare innovator leading the global dentistry market, MegaGen is expected to expand sales in the global market and planning to have double size booth in 2023 IDS to match their global status, so that they will provide better service to their current and future customers.