Special Donation for people in Ukraine - 'Save Women and Children from the War'

2022-04-07 12:41
2022-04-07 12:41


MegaGen will be holding a Special Donation Event as a symbol of support to our friends in Ukraine and in the name of world peace.

“Purchase a MegaGen implant & 5 USD will be donated to the people of Ukraine with your heart!”

In particular, MegaGen will be selling implants with a special “Save Women and Children from the War” sticker. If you buy one of them, 5 USD per implant will be donated to a designated organization via the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Korea. Of course, your purchasing price will be the same as usual.

We call for you to join us in this special cause so that together we could show our heartfelt support & share in the grief and sorrow of the Ukrainian people.

MegaGen will continue to pray for quick restoration of peace and the fastest post-war recovery in Ukraine, as well as continue in its longstanding efforts to bring “lifetime smiles” to all humankind.

Contact your local MegaGen dealer or Ms. Anna An at intl.ruscis3@imegagen.com for further information.

A final donation report will be published on MegaGen’s official channels/media later on. Thank you.

MegaGen Implant and all MegaGen users worldwide for PEACE in Ukraine.

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