'The 14th Annual MegaGen International Symposium in Las Vegas

2018-10-29 13:46
2018-10-29 13:46

MegaGen held 'The 14th Annual MegaGen International Symposium in Las Vegas' at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas for three days from October 5th to 7th with the theme 'Beyond Technology - Digital & Esthetic Dentistry: A Powerful Combination'.

MegaGen international symposium has been held every year in major cities around the world with novel topics to keep pace with changes in dental trends and the popularity by dentists has been increasing over the years.

21 distinguished lecturers and 1400 dentists (including family members) from around the world attended the symposium, including the United States, to discuss the current and future issues of dentistry.

On the 5th and 6th, there were about 30 different lectures and hands-on workshops for pre-registrants only.

In the main lecture, which was held on the afternoon of June 6, Soheil Bechara (Lithuania), Prof. Christian Makary (Lebanon), and Dr. Miguel Stanley (Portugal) gave a lecture, discussing the long-term stability of implants and the future direction of implant dentistry. After that, Maurice Salama, Dr. Henry Salama, dr. Thomas Han and Dr. Dennis Tarnow (USA) shared various clinical know-how on 'Treatment Planning and Immediately Management of Implant Placement'.

On the morning of the 7th, beginning with a lecture of Dr. Dirk Duddeck (Germany) on the stability of the implant surface, Dr. Christian Coachman (Brazil) and Dr. Jong Chul Kim lectured on the latest trends in digital dentistry and the direction of future development. Various lectures of seven lecturers followed, including Predictable Peri-Implants

Also various innovative products were exhibited in addition to lectures by world-class speakers.

In particular, marking the 10th anniversary of AnyRidge, MegaGen has proved the stability of AnyRidge through the history and clinical experiences and showed the future direction of AnyRidge.

Also Digital solution that enable to make one-day implant with 3D printer and diagnostic software R2GATE, and R2CAD that is compatible with 3shape and EXOCAD were displayed.

It was also a preview of new content from the National Geographic Channel, a worldwide documentary channel.

In this video dealing with implants, MegaGen R2GATE was used to edentulous patients to place prosthesis in one day, and giving a big impression to many participants. The video will be broadcast worldwide through the National Geographic channel in November.

According to MegaGen "The symposium is not just an academic conference, but also a place of an intensive education through workshops, as well as confirming the clinical opinions of prominent speakers from various countries, and sharing knowledge among clinicians in more than 100 countries around the world." and “It is also a unique event of MegaGen, which includes cultural exchange in a welcome party and MegaGen Night.”

Meanwhile, the 15th Annual MegaGen International Symposium will be held in Shanghai, China in 2020.