Biologic S-line

Beautiful & natural-looking esthetics

Better peri-implant biotype & better emergence profile due to double offset structure incorporating thread-less collar on fixture & S-line cuff design on prosthetics

Designed for less bone stress

Maximum preservation of cortical bone

• Human Biopsy (2.5 yrs after placement) Sharp & high alveolar crest (yellow arrow) is maintained thanks to biologically-inspired implant design Maintenance of alveolar bone means peri-implant marginal gingiva shows almost no recession at 2.5 years follow-up, even with limited ridge width


Over 10 years of clinically-proven excellent, rapid, & long-lasting osseointegration

Voids among threads are entirely occupied by growing bone tissue (black arrows): new bone covering entire fixture confirms early osseointegration process. On left, bone patch crosses metal ridges (white arrow).


Immediate high & sustained ISQ values for immediate loading

* Immediate loading of tapered implants placed in postextraction sockets and healed sites J Craniofac Surg 2016; 00: 00–00

* Implant Stability in Posterior Maxilla: A Controlled Clinical Trial BioMed Research International Article ID 6825213

Narrow diameter & Tapered design

Inserting wider fixture into small osteotomy socket(less invasive surgery) preserves marginal hard & soft tissues. Also, guarantees excellent initial stability.


Guarantees sustained implant stability

1. Stable stress dispersion due to buttress thread shape
2. Easier insertion due to sharp thread shape
3. Increased surface area due to round-faced design

  • Excellent initial stability
  • Extraordinary BIC
  • Special cutting efficiency during insertion
  • High resistance to compressive force
  • Minimized occurrence of shear force
  • Maximized surface area
  • Large inter-thread area supports angiogenesis &
    sustains blood supply

Excellent initial stability in any alveolar bone

Same core diameter, but different thread depth!
Same BIC
Same Initial Stability
Same start for prosthetics

The initial stability of AnyRidge implants is particularly effective and evident in the case of D4 (soft) bone.

In contrast to conventional implant systems that destroy precious bone by using wider implants in soft bone, the AnyRidge design uses a standard core with various thread depths to cover all bone densities. This preserves the crestal bone, reduces the overall bone loss, and provides excellent initial stability.

Meanwhile, the innovative AnyRidge self-tapping knife-shaped progressive thread design creates a smooth and easy insertion that avoids bone necrosis, leaves space for blood circulation, and provides a larger surface area for faster osseointegration.

Watch the magic of AnyRidge!

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MegaGen’s surface treatment is XPEED®.
Pure Grade 4 Titanium implants are treated with S-L-A and then a unique process that incorporates calcium ions creating a CaTiO3 nanostructure that activates osteoblasts.

• Large amounts of cations are created on implant surface due to Ca2+
• PO43 ions adhere to Ca2+-rich layer, then Ca2+ re-adheres to PO43 layer
• This increased apatite layer accelerates mineralization to create hydroxyapatite

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Ca2+ ions

Study showed larger amount of new bone formation on calciumion- implanted titanium compared to titanium at 2 days after implantation in rat tibia

Amount of hydroxyl radical on calcium-ion implanted titanium and point of zero charge of constituent oxide of the surface-modified layer T. HANAWA*à, M. KONà, H. DOI°, H. UKAI±, K. MURAKAMI±, H. HAMANAKA°, K. ASAOKAà

CaTiO3 Nano-structure

CaTiO3 has been shown to increase osseointegration with adjacent bone, thereby increasing implant stability

Increased osteoblast adhesion on titanium-coated hydroxylapatite that forms CaTiO3. Webster TJ, Ergun C, Doremus RH, Lanford WA.

Clinically proven

Histological studies in animals and humans consistently show rapid bone cell proliferation and long-term stability thanks to Xpeed’s unique properties.

Voids among threads are entirely occupied by growing bone tissue (black arrows): new bone covering entire fixture confirms early osseointegration process. On left, bone patch crosses metal ridges (white arrow).
*Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Evaluation of Interface between Nanostructured Calcium- Incorporated Dental Implant Surface and Human Bone/ Francesco Mangano / Materials (Basel). 2017 Dec; 10(12): 1438

Blue surface guarantees safety
  • 100% acid-residue-free surface XPEED® process neutralizes any potential acid residue on S-L-A surface and is visible indication of cleanliness
  • Homogenous roughness value of Ra 1.8-2.5μm over whole fixture guarantees more uniform bone growth

Trusted Quality Award 2017-2021
From the Clean Implant Foundation

MegaGen’s mission is to manufacture the highest quality implants, and this Trusted Quality Award is the confirmation of our commitment,
For more information about the Clean Implant Foundation, please visit wwww. cleanimplant.com

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