CEO of MegaGen, presented a speech on ‘A Success Story of Innovating Business at the UN HQ.

2022-07-12 16:42
2022-07-12 16:42

CEO of MegaGen Implant a total healthcare innovator that strives to guard the smiles and happiness of all humans on this globe – also a dentist, Dr. Kwang Bum Park, has presented ‘A Success Story of Innovating Business and Cultivating Human Resourcesat the UN HQ in June 2022 as a recipient of the ‘HEI Award 2019’.  #HEI_Award_2019


Humane Entrepreneurship Initiative(HEI) Award is established by HEI Global, which was organized by ICSB to encourage and amass people-centred entrepreneurship. Dr. Kwang Bum Park was selected as the 1st recipient of the HEI Award 2019.


At the time, He had made a promise: to contribute to economic growth and the creation of quality jobs in correspondence with a people-oriented entrepreneurial spirit.


And after 2 years now, it was possible to keep the promises he had made in 2019MegaGen was not only able to achieve 100 million USD in exports, but also kept our title as the “No. 1 Korean Exporter of implants to Europe and the U.S.” 


Such growth at MegaGne was possible because of the ‘People, that was the reason why MegaGen chose to retain employment without reducing any staff members. Even the number of employees has almost doubled compared to 2019 even during the Covid pandemic crisis for all corporations.

MegaGen will continue to pursue its noble goals and turn into a “100-year company, a 100-year old MegaGen”,  believing in the power of “human magic” and putting it to best use. We will continue to take an active lead for the sake of humankind’s ‘health and wellbeing’ & strive to make a better world.





#100-year company, a 100-year-old MegaGen

#Believing in the power of “human magic” and putting it to best use.