R2STUDIO™ + R2GATE® facial analysis

R2STUDIO: ONE STEP collection & digitization of patient data within 10 min (CBCT + 3D facial scan + STL dentition file)
R2GATE® facial analysis: unique function that defines mid-facial plan, skeletal asymmetries, & esthetic problems

R2STUDIO digital work flow


Data Collection

  • CBCT
  • Face scan
  • Impression scan


Starting Point

  • CBCT reorientation
  • Natural head position
  • 3D facial matching


Facial Analysis

  • Facial pattern analysis
  • Treatment planning


Jaw Setup

  • Jaw segmentation
  • Jaw setup


User Confirmation

  • User confirmation via FACEGIDE viewer



  • Design-customized saw guides & plates
  • Manufacturing (3D printing or milling) of saw guides & plates
Collect all patient’s data less than 10 minutes

Complete CBCT, Smile, impression scan, less than 10 minutes and create the digital virtual patient.

CBCT Reorientation
  • Successful surgery requires accurate preoperative diagnosis & precise surgical planning
  • CBCT analysis errors caused by slight patient movement can have significant impact on final surgical outcome
  • Reorientation function corrects any patient position error during CBCT scan to provide best data for precise diagnosis
Facial Pattern Analysis

Built-in DOD program analyzes patient features & smile patterns as reference material for more complete results to increase patient satisfaction

Customized orthognathic solutions

Jaw segmentation
  • Skull data can be freely osteotomized according to technique preferred by oral surgeon
  • Osteotomy position, range, & amount can all be adjusted depending on patient characteristics
  • Combining osteotomy segments verifies anatomical changes during bone deletion & bone movement for feasible & precise surgical plan
3D Jaw Setup & Review
  • Send R2 STUDIO data & simple surgery plan to R2 Center & receive 3D jaw setup file within 24 hours
  • Use FACEGIDE review program to confirm 3D jaw setup file
Saw Guides
  • Customized for each patient to ensure precise bone incisions & deletions
  • Customized for each patient
  • Reduced surgery time as no need to bend or cut customized plates
TMJ Position Control
  • Condylar position can be adjusted after surgery
  • Minimizes any side effects due to changes in TMJ position
FACEGIDE order & work process

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Facial Reconstruction Surgery
Customized facial reconstruction solutions

Precise & customized artificial bone parts are fabricated using CBCT data for accurate facial reconstruction surgery with optimal esthetic results

Finish 6 jaw surgeries in a day and
enjoy a glass of beer
with us!

Implant planning & ONE-DAY solutions

Digital Oral Design & R2STUDIO

Virtual patient technology for solving complex cases


Digital orthognathic & facial reconstruction solutions

  • R2STUDIO Full video FACEGIDE vr (KR)

  • R2STUDIO Full video vr (KR)

  • [Step1] Collect all patient s data vr (KR)

  • [Step2] 3D jaw setup file & review vr (KR)

  • [Step3] FACEGIDE Plate vr (KR)

  • [Step3] Saw guide vr (KR)

  • [Step4] Facial pattern analysis vr (KR, EN)

  • [Step5] TMJ position control vr (KR)

  • FACEGIDE, Digital orthognathic solution!

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