Key Advantages

  • Mastering digital data collection & creating the virtual patient
  • Providing CADless solutions

Collecting & combining information to create virtual patient for full digital analysis


  • Broad 20×20 FOV
  • 16 sec for 20×20 CBCT scanning
  • Light-guided flexible FOV control

3D Facial scan

  • Real 3D depth camera (1280×720)
  • Independent photo taking module
  • 5sec for full-size facial scanning
  • 1800×848 full size 3D file (OBJ format)

Object (impression) scan

  • Handy scan process
  • 20sec for impression scanning
  • Auto STL converting process
  • Easy to export model file (Open STL format)
Intra Oral Scanner: CS3600

Faster, Smarter!
Appropriate intra-oral scanner for pragmatic digital treatment

  • Reasonable price
  • No annual fee
  • Various compatibility with open STL
  • Continuous scanning function - Smart matching system
  • Time-machine function
  • Full HD 3D color
  • Easy to operate, high precision
  • Side Tip is provided
Model Scanner: Transformer

Fast & precise full HD 3D model scanner

  • More powerful than ever.
  • 2.0MP HD cameras & USB 3.0 interface - More precise and faster scan in a min.
  • Large scan camber for articulator
  • R2GATE scan protocol installed
3D Printer: MEG-PrinterII

Specially designed for clinics

  • Simple procedures.
  • Fast modeling time.
  • Accurate result.
  • Cost-effective & User friendly. - Build time (30min)
Ti Milling Machine: Ti-CAM Pro

Perfect for customized abutments

  • Simple but powerful function
  • Designed for Ti-customized abutments
  • Strong & precise milling
  • Faster milling time (25min)
Zr Milling Machine: White-CAM Pro

Precise 5-axis milling machine

  • High-End 5 axis milling machine
  • All Dry milling materials : PMMA, Zirconia, Wax, Ultimate
  • Full arch restoration
  • Denture
  • Customized abutment

CADless solution

  • Send scan data, then R2 Digital Center will take care of the design
  • Design file will be sent within 1 hour

Implant planning & ONE-DAY solutions

Digital Oral Design & R2STUDIO

Virtual patient technology for solving complex cases


Digital orthognathic & facial reconstruction solutions