Key Advantages

  • Mastering digital data collection & creating the virtual patient
  • Providing CADless solutions

Digital workstation



  • 18x16 wide FOV
  • 18x16 CBCT scan: 16 secs
  • light & flexible FOV control
  • precise & accurate scanning 3D facial scan

3D Facial scan

  • 3D depth camera (1280x720)
  • independent photo-taking module
  • full 3D smiling face scan: 5 secs
  • 1800x848 full-size 3D file (OBJ format) object (impression) scan

Object (impression) scan

  • easy scan process
  • impression scan: 20 secs
  • automatic STL conversion process
  • model file generation (open STL format)
Beyond CBCT : R2 STUDIO™

Collecting & combining information to create virtual patient for full digital analysis


  • Broad 20×20 FOV
  • 16 sec for 20×20 CBCT scanning
  • Light-guided flexible FOV control

3D Facial scan

  • Real 3D depth camera (1280×720)
  • Independent photo taking module
  • 5sec for full-size facial scanning
  • 1800×848 full size 3D file (OBJ format)

Object (impression) scan

  • Handy scan process
  • 20sec for impression scanning
  • Auto STL converting process
  • Easy to export model file (Open STL format)
Intra Oral Scanner: Medit i700 wireless

Magic made easy with a simple touch The convenience of wireless is added to the speed and function of the i700.
Scanning is possible in any environment.

  • Wireless system
  • Superfast scanning
  • High Accuracy
  • NO Annual fee
  • Free S/W update
  • Jog dial
i700 wireless specifications
ScanningUp to 70 FPS
Imaging Technology3D full color streaming capture
Accuracy(full arch)10.9 µm + 0.98
HandpieceWeight328g (included battery)
Dimensions313 x 44 x 47.4mm
TipAutoclavable150 times
Reversible tipyes
UV-C LED Disinfectionyes
Remote Control Modeyes
(USB 3.1 wireless Hub)
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Intra Oral Scanner : i700

Powerful, Versatile, and innovative!

  • More ergonomic design; smaller and lighter than the i500 (245g).
  • New reversible scanning tip – scan w/o switching positions! Photo capturing has never been easier or more comfortable for dental professionals and patients!
  • Increased scanning speed – 2X faster than the i500
  • Control button: turn on “remote control mode” and navigate without a mouse. Do it all on the i700 – left, right, up, down, and rotate!
  • Mirror angled camera lens increases scan area to capture more data. Wave goodbye to those hard-to-reach interproximal areas.
  • Built in UVC LED lets you disinfect as you work.
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Medit i600

Digital dentistry at Your Fingertips

Best cost-effective oral scanner.
The i600 uses the same SW as the i700 (i700 wireless).
Start digital dentistry at an affordable price.

  • Fast scanning
  • High Accuracy
  • NO Annual fee
  • Free S/W update
  • Reasonable price
i600 wireless specifications
ScanningUp to 35 FPS
Imaging Technology3D full color streaming capture
Accuracy(full arch)10.9 µm + 0.98
HandpieceWeight328g (included battery)
Dimensions313 x 44 x 47.4mm
TipAutoclavable100 times
Reversible tipyes
UV-C LED DisinfectionNo
Remote Control ModeNo
ConnectivityUSB 3.1 Gen 1
(Cable length 2.0m)
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Medit T-Series

Our Fastest, yet again

From the company that brought you the first blue-light tabletop scanner, introducing the Medit T710, the fastest Medit tabletop scanner you have yet to experience.
Auto - CAM Lab Solution : MEG-PrinterII

Pragmatical 3D-Printer for Clinic

  • Simple procedures.
  • Fast modelling time.
  • Accurate result.
  • Cost-effective & User friendly.
  • Build time (25min)
Printing MethodDLP (Digital Light Processing)
Build Size100 x 60 x 70mm
Build thickness25㎛ ~ 100㎛
Light LampLED
Printing MaterialsLight Curing Resin
Spec W310 x D210 x H350mm
Weight: 10kg
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Chair side digital total solution

One Stop Solution - from Guide thru customized abutment,
temporary crown & even final crown!

  • Straight forward guide & temporary crown design
  • Just a few clicks needed for CAD/CAM output
  • Send all difficult cases to R2 Center
  • From guided surgery to temporary prosthetics with just 1 visit
  • Best time for marketing dental treatment after COVID-19
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CADless solution

  • Send scan data, then R2 Digital Center will take care of the design
  • Design file will be sent within 1 hour

Implant planning & ONE-DAY solutions

Digital Oral Design & R2STUDIO

Virtual patient technology for solving complex cases


Digital orthognathic & facial reconstruction solutions