Plasma X Motion

– Regenerative activator by Plasma

– High-end surface treatment technology

Plasma Technologies developed to shorten healing time & enhance stability

  • All showed high ISQ values after 2 weeks

  • Largest increase in ISQ value was observed in XPEEDActive group after 4 weeks

* XPEEDActive: plasma treatment reactivated

XPEED implant surface

Increased protein adsorption rate & osteoblast proliferation activity rate

* Enhanced osteoblast adhesion and proliferation on vacuum plasma-treated implant surface / Author HJ Jeon, Ara Jung, HJ Kim, JS Seo Applied Sciences, 2022, 12, 9884. (

Novel vacuum plasma technology

for Regenerative activation of dental implants

Plasma removes hydrocarbons & contaminants from implant surface

to increase hydrophilicity & improve osseointegration.

XPEEDActive cycle of Plasma X Motion proven to increase attachment, proliferation,

& differentiation of osteoblast cells, as well as protein adsorption.

Plasma X Motion improves performance of implant surface.