Perfect Satisfaction


Bringing the digital revolution to the heart of your dental practice by using the latest technology to provide patient comfort, effective communication, professional convenience & quality service

More function and convenience,
More accurate Medical treatment!
43” wide monitor.
Long durability and impressive maintenance

For Dentists

  • Optimized treatment positioning design
  • Efficient space utilization with Cart Type / wide field of view
  • Smart and intuitive LED Touch Type Unit Function
  • 43” large wide screen
  • Durability and impressive A/S

For Patients

  • Ergonomic seat design and zero gravity mode
  • Large seat height range and wide Back-Rest

For Assistants

  • Cold and hot water display LED, strong durable cuspidor and various convenient functions
  • 2-joint structure assistant unit – easy access and enough space

Satisfaction (Function & Convenience)

The optimized treatment positioning design makes treatment more convenient and accurate!
  • Perfect accessibility to patients by applying a thin and strong slim backrest made of ultra-lightweight reinforced material
  • Two-joint Head-Rest function enables precise positioning of the angle and height by operator
  • Efficient space utilization and wide field of view during treatment by applying Cart Type

Unit Function(Smart & Intutive)

  • LED display for operating status of the chair
  • Easy and intuitive function selection by applying Touch Screen (electrical)
  • Built-in handpiece interlock function (to increase safety by operating only the handpiece selected first)
  • Foot Pedal for Scaler ON / OFF operation
  • Basic application of handpiece optics
  • Wide Doctor Table for the variety of surgeons’ treatment

Satisfaction(Impressive patient comfort)

As if lying in First Class, the comfort is enough to fall asleep!
  • Maximized patient comfort with ergonomic seat and body design
  • When moving the Back-Rest, the zero-gravity position motion provides the best comfort like a luxury couch during long-term treatment


  • Market-leading wide Back-Rest and curved design that does not strain the spine during long treatment
  • A two-joint Head-Rest help adjusting the angle and height flexibly according to the treatment situation and patient’s posture provides special comfort to the patient.
  • Seat height can be low enough for pediatric / elder patients convenience

Satisfaction(Effective communication)

Bigger monitor for better understanding!
  • Comfortable and accurate surgery is possible through consultation and medical communication with patients by applying a 43” large wide screen

Satisfaction(Easy to Assist)

Easier and more convenient Assist!
  • Maximized visibility by applying cold/hot water display LED
  • Maximize convenience and easy disassemble / cleaning with a 90 degree rotation Cuspidor design
  • 2-joint structure assistant unit type for easy access and enough space
  • Increased assistant convenience by applying a built-in Tissue Holder