MegaGen Implant, awarded the ‘100 Million Dollar Export Tower’ on the 59th Trade Day

2022-12-29 12:41
2022-12-29 12:41

MegaGen Implant, awarded the ‘100 Million Dollar Export Tower’, raising the status of K-Implant

- Recorded a steady upward trend by securing a solid position in overseas markets, including No. 1 exporter from Korea to Europe and the US.

MegaGen Implant (CEO Kwang-Bum Park, hereinafter referred to as MegaGen) has been awarded the “100 Million dollar Export Tower” on the 59th Trade Day recognising its contribution to active overseas market development and boosting export.

'Trade Day' is an event to reward companies and people of merit who have contributed to pioneering overseas markets, expanding exports, and creating jobs. It is hosted by the Korea International Trade Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. This year, the government award is more meaningful than any other year as the government awards are given to organizations and traders who have contributed to achieving high export performance despite various adverse factors such as the Russia-Ukraine war, supply chain disruption, global financial crisis, and rising raw material prices and difficult global trade environment.

Established in 2002, MegaGen, a company specializing in dental medical devices, is currently exporting implants and medical devices to more than 100 countries around the world, including Europe, the United States, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Also, MegaGen won the “50 million dollar Export Tower” in 2017 and the “70 million dollar Export Tower” in 2020. Based on its quality and technology, it has secured the highest share in the European market among Korean companies by ranking first in exports to Europe for 9 consecutive years and the US for 2 consecutive years.

Even during the economic downturn caused by the prolonged coronavirus infection (COVID-19), MegaGen has continued its rapid growth through the win-win cooperation of labour and management and drastic investments in facilities and doubled employment. In addition, by establishing a solid network through 17 subsidiaries and 100 overseas partners, it has improved customer accessibility and prepared the foundation for sales expansion that made publicizes the status of K-Implant to the world as well as expanded MegaGen branding in the global dental market. MegaGen, which has achieved solid growth and has been continuously on the rise, has performed more than 2,000 active internal events sharing the latest technology, networking by exchanging information and strengthening branding activities through educational seminars, local roadshows, and product presentations in the US, Italy, Germany, the UK and so on. MegaGen plans to continue its quantitative and qualitative growth, focusing on strengthening business competitiveness and expanding sales through new businesses.

MegaGen, said, "This award is the result of the recognition that MegaGen's technology, such as AnyRidge and AnyOne implant systems, has greatly contributed to the national economy and industrial development, and it is a result achieved through the efforts of all MegaGen staff," and also, “MegaGen will further enhance the status of the Korean dental industry and K-Implant by expanding its global products based on its development capabilities in dental medical devices and digital dentistry solutions”.

Meanwhile, MegaGen is the only company in the dental industry to be selected as the ‘2022 Best Company for Employment in Korea’ by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and is recording a steep rise due to continuous employment expansion. Based on more than 20 years of clinically proven technology, it recently achieved the winning the 'Clean Implant Trusted Quality Award', a global implant reliability certification award, for 6 consecutive years, proving the reliability and safety of its implants. Moreover, for the first time in Korean dental implants, MegaGen preemptively obtained CE MDR (European Medical Devices Regulations) certification which proved K-Implant technology and global quality competence fulfilling strict safety requirements.

MegaGen is also getting attention for its social contribution activities and ESG (Environmental· Social·Governance) management. For the first time in the world, an ‘implant ampoule’ was designed to be reused as a toy block for educational play especially for underprivileged children, fulfilling the social responsibility that practices the value of sharing and evorment protection. In addition, in line with ‘Net-Zero’, which is becoming a global issue, MegaGen has introduced an eco-friendly system such as universalizing the use of uncoated 'eco-friendly paper boxes' and bringing in a 'production wastewater and air management system' during production and is actively participating in the introduction of eco-friendly materials.

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