MegaGen participated 'YESDEX 2020' in Gyeongju, Korea

2020-12-02 09:44
2020-12-02 09:44
Attention to popular products such as 'Densah Bur'

‘I am a Dentist’, author Dr. Kwang Bum Park, had a book signing event on MegaGen booth

The 2020 Yeongnam International Dental Congress and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as YESDEX 2020) was held at HICO, Gyeongju for three days from 13th to 15th, November. MegaGen Implant Co., Ltd. (CEO Kwang Bum Park, hereinafter MegaGen) had booths with various dental equipment display and events, received great attention from the visitors.

During exhibition there were many visitors on MegaGen booth, and especially, many people were interested in N2 unit chair. Also there were many people waiting their turn on hands-on booth for Densah Bur and R2 Sinus kit.

Since “Densah Bur” was launched last year, it has been consistently gaining popularity among clinicians. In addition, “R2 Sinus Kit”, which improves stability during maxillary sinus surgery as a “R2GUIDE”, overcomes the risk of Sinus lifting perforation, low initial stability, osseointegration time, and completely blocks the membrane damage possibility. With minimal bone grafting and securing the best initial stability, the clinicians who performed hands-on at the exhibition showed high satisfaction, and many purchase orders were placed.

Dr. Je-Hyung Jeong’s seminar for “Densah Bur” and “R2 Sinus Kit” at MegaGen booth was also available to feel the popularity of both products. In addition, on-site lectures for digital solutions “R2GATE” were organized, and the lectures were evaluated as beneficial by the participants.

Interest in infection control has increased these days because of COVID-19, extraoral suction unit “Free arm Arteo” and Plasma Sterilizer “Sterlink” had also attracted attention.

During the YESDEX exhibition, MegaGen CEO Kwang Bum Park provided a lecture on the subject of “Implant Complications, Countermeasures and Precautions”, the lecture hall was full and it was available to feel the enthusiasm for the lecture. Dr. Park's lecture was shown live at the MegaGen booth and Youtube online so that even students who could not attend due to lack of space were linked so that they could hear the lecture.

After the lecture, there was a book signing event at the MegaGen booth. CEO Kwang Bum Park, the author of ‘I am a dentist’, met in person with over 100 people and had a meaningful time with senior dentists and colleagues. Also, prospective dentists and students visited this event.

Meanwhile, MegaGen was in charge of the official broadcast and disinfection measures of YESDEX2020, and led the conference to be successful against COVID-19. Safe academic conference was first priority, preventative measures were done to seminar rooms and exhibition halls several times every day. And the YESDEX official broadcast showed high-level of progress.

The MegaGen said, “We were happy to meet customers and introduce our products through YESDEX 2020 even in difficult times”. “It seems that we were able to have a safe and satisfying event together by communicating with the organizers and visitors rather than simply promoting the products.”