MegaGen was the hottest company at SIDEX 2021

2021-06-25 14:54
2021-06-25 14:54

MegaGen was the hottest company at SIDEX 2021

MegaGen Implant participated in SIDEX 2021 (Seoul International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Congress)  held at COEX in Seoul from June 4 to 6 and received the spotlight as new dental products and digital dental solutions through various events.

In particular, the hands-on booth introducing Duo Kit and the implant booth presenting the new products, AnyOne NI(Non Index), BLUEDIAMOND were very popular with dentists and visitors.

MegaGen newly launched the BLUEDIAMOND implant that is stronger than any other conventional implants and ensures long-term biological stability as well as superiority of Xpeed surface treatment compared to S-L-A. On the top of that, BLUEDIAMOND has more advantages including high initial stability for immediate placement in all bone types, preventing long-term peri-implant tissue recession. Furthermore, it designed for minimally invasive surgery, precise positioning & prosthetic connection, preventing screw loosening. For all those reasons BLUEDIAMOND got a great response at the show site.

Duo Kit, which was very popular at the show site, is a surgical kit composed of two systems into one. By having BLUEDIAMOND kit basically, users can combine a kit for AnyOne or ST system additionally. The kit consists of a shaping drill for sophisticated procedures and a stopper drill with excellent bone removal ability to implement a simple and intuitive drilling sequence.

In addition, the R2 Sinus Kit, which improved stability during maxillary sinus surgery with R2GUIDE, gained popularity because it has been made up for the disadvantages such as the risk of perforation of the existing sinus lifting, low initial stability and long-time osseointegration.

Densah bur hands-on booth was very crowded with visitors to check out Densah bur‘s outstanding effectiveness on maxillary sinus lifting and narrow bone width.

The French intraosseous injection anesthesia machine ‘Quick Sleeper 5’ also received a warm response at the exhibition site. Quick Sleeper 5 is an intramedullary anesthesia system that allows clinicians to anesthetize easily and safely without causing anesthesia pain to the patient.

The oral scanner 'i700', which is lighter than existing products, was simultaneously unveiled in the global market together with MegaGen at SIDEX 2021. MegaGen said that it made many contracts at the showsite as offering special price and various additional benefits.

The unit chair 'N2' drew the attention of visitors in that it allows for comfortable and accurate treatment. MegaGen's special regular care program 'Blue Care Service' was also highly interested.

Meanwhile, MegaGen held a 'Blue Diamond Implant' giveaway event worth a total of 20 million won at SIDEX 2021. As prizes, Tiffany & Co blue diamond rings, necklaces and bracelets, along with Mega ISQ 2, Densah Bur, and department store gift certificates were presented through lottery.

MegaGen said, “Even in this pandemic situation, we were very happy to meet customers and introduce products through SIDEX 2021 in person.” “The best thing was that we were able to promote safe and satisfying exhibitions while communicating directly with visitors rather than simply promoting products,” it said.