Densah® Bur

Also available in Korea!

The implant procedure using the Osseodensification Effect of Densah® Bur has already been recognized through long-term clinical evidence and articles for more than 5 years by many renowned dentists and is becoming a new trend among dentists in North America and Europe.

Don’t Remove Bone. Just Move It!

Why Densah® Bur is one of the must-have items for dentists in other countries?

1. A Kit which is compatible with all implant systems around the world

Supports over 90 implant systems from more than 30 major companies worldwide including MegaGen, Osstem, Dentium, Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Astra, Zimmer Biomet, etc.

2. A Paradigm Shift in Implant Osteotomy Preparation “Osseodensification”

Remarkable Osseodensification effect of D4→D2 Bone without necrosis

3. Osseodensification Bone “Spring Back Effect”

By “Spring Back Effect”, it returns faster than natural bone, increasing the initial stability and BIC

4. A versatile kit capable of performing maxillary sinus lift

Densah® Bur’s unique design minimizes the bone graft as there is no risk of tearing the Sinus Membrane and no loss of bone itself.

5. Amazing Ridge Expansion Effect

Ridge Expansion Tech using bone densification technique preserves the thickness of the ridge and expands it at the same time. It is possible to place a fixture of 4.2mm or more even on a 3mm ridge.


Howard Gluckman, DDS

“Osseodensification with the Densah® Burs have changed my life. I can’t remember the last time I did a lateral window.
Less cost, less swelling, less post-op pain. It’s the best invention in a long time.”

Isaac Tawil, DDS, MS

“After researching versah technology I finally gave these burs a try. My first case was a narrow ridge, a perfect indication for versah technology. Since then I’ve made densah burs my drilling choice for all indications. Whether it be for narrow ridges or standard drilling protocol, used in forward or reverse these are hands down the best burs I’ve used. They drill a perfect circle every time and out perform all of my current drilling systems. I was skeptical of osseodensification protocol but after seeing its results I have become a believer. Try them and they will make a believer out of you too.”

Michael Pruett, DMD

“We have actually adopted the Densah system for most implant placements in our AEGD/GPR program. We use it for all cases in both mandible and maxilla and not just special cases since we feel that the densah burs are more effective than the regular drills even in a conventional manner, and certainly they allow for more versatility when they are used in the reverse mode for osseodensification.

In our experience we are definitely getting better initial stability and have not had any “spinners” related to oversizing the osteotomy. We have done numerous sinus augmentations (crestal approach technique) with the burs and are getting very predictable results. The haptic feedback of the burs is allowing our residents to build confidence in placing implants in a much quicker time. In ridge expansion cases we have used bone dilators and spreaders prior to using the densah system. With the manual or rotary dilators, operator experience and strength were certainly factors in case success. Now we have leveled the playing field for our residents regardless of their strength and experience in that the densah burs are very effective expanders.”

Dr. Martin Attariani

“I have been using the Densah kit for over 10 months and what was more a purchase out of curiosity turned out to be one of the best investments in my career as an Implantologist. The Densah kit is now part of my daily arsenal of tools for placing implants and I wouldn’t work without it. This is an innovative system that allows for bone expansion, increased primary stability and simplified sinus lifts.  With the Densah burs, you have more control over your osteotomies. This is a must-have tool for all Implantologists and I would definitely recommend it. It is a game changer. Do more with less”

What is OSSEODENSIFICATION of Densah® Bur Technology?

Functionally designed Densah® Bur rotates in the reverse direction along with irrigation, so that the bone is densified around the surrounding without digging out the bone.

Advantage of Densah® Bur

1. Bone Density is improved by osseodensification around the body while maintaining the freshness of the bone itself without necrosis (D4 → D2 Bone)

2. Densified bone returns faster than natural bone around the implant ​​by spring back effect, osseointegration is promoted by improved BIC and ISQ values.

3. After implant placement, higher initial stability than before can be acquired

4. Immediate loading is also possible in D4 Bone

5. Risky under drilling is not necessary

Densah® Bur has two different modes!
Counterclockwise (CCW) Mode
Do you know about the Spring Back Effect?

Bone with “Osseodensification” by Densah® Bur tends to return faster than natural bone because it is not damaged during implant placement and maintains the stable state of the natural bone while forming a harder bone density.

This regression effect is called Spring Back Effect, and Implant initial stability and BIC are increased compared to the previous one due to the faster Spring Back Effect.

“Osseodensification” and fast Spring Back Effect make Osseointegration faster than before.

No more under drilling! Experience high BIC immediately on the day of placement with Osseodensification.

Sufficient ISQ Value to enable immediate loading even in D4 Bone!

Densah® Bur / Standard Drill

29 Implant in 13 patients

Focused on the maxillary sinus procedure!

Densah® bur’s patented Design and Mechanism (Rounding & Sliding) makes no fear of tearing the sinus membrane as the bur pushes the bone. Also minimizes the need for bone graft because there is no loss of the bone itself.

It can also be useful when expanding Narrow Ridge by increasing bone density and expanding bone width.

Clinical Cases