Only 7-minute sterilization! The fastest low-temperature plasma sterilizer!

• STERLINK® is a low-temperature plasma sterilizer for inactivating microorganisms in metal and non-metal medical devices and surgical instruments at low temperatures.

• The world’s first direct injection pouch-method patented sterilization technology is applied, and SAL of 10-6 is pre-verified, ensuring the sterilization stability of medical devices.

Dental marketing – Do not worry with infection concerns

• New Normal Sterilization Protocol

– Enhancement of customer confidence in dentistry

• Receive sterilization safety certification in Advanced countries

– Sterilization of highly difficult items such as handpieces (B-Class level)

– Guaranteed sterilization level of SAL 10-6 as defined by international standards

Economically Feasible

• Three times longer lifespan for expensive surgical instruments

– Compared to high-temperature autoclave, it minimizes damage to instruments through low temperature sterilization

• Operation time is 30 times shorter than autoclave.

– It is possible to sterilize in just 7 minutes, so there is no need to have a lot of expensive handpieces and instruments in the dentist.

• Up to 70% cost reduction compared to other plasma sterilizers

– The cost of sterilizing agent is cheaper than other plasmas based on sterilization 1 cycle process

Anyone can use it easily

• Start / Stop sterilization with just one button!

– Improve user satisfaction with real-time monitoring of sterilization process and equipment status.

Easy and hygienic management

• Regular inspection with checking only oil every 6 months

– Because there are no substances inside the chamber, It’s available to use the equipment clean and hygienic.