LT6TM Membrane

All the advantages of i-Gen, yet resorbable, So no secondary surgery

  • Creates space equal to non-resorbable membranes
  • No wrinkling of the membrane after hydration and bone graft
Lingual Extension should be considered for a large defect
Simple mounting LT6 i-Gen can be stably mounted on i-Gen Screw without using cover screw due to elasticity of material
>2.5mm horizontal extension needed to make >2mm labial bone after remodeling
>100ºblunt angle with bevel should be made to avoid soft tissue irritation
Strong elastic modulus Keeps bone from spreading
Apical skirt should be adapted to the bone
Ideal regeneration line
2mm~4mm 3 different cuff heights for i-GEN Screw(LT6) (Compatible with existing i-GEN Screw)
Lasts 6 months or more! Pre-shaped design! Rapid osteogenesis when compared to collagen membranes!
Innovative material & manufacturing techniques
  • Polycaprolactone-based
  • 3D printing manufacturing
  • β phase Tricalcium Phosphate (β -TCP) integrated

PCL (FDA Approved Biodegradable Material)

  • Raw material, medical grade registered with FDA, which has outstanding biocompatibility and biodegradability.
  • Widely used for implantable medical devices, due to safety and stability in the body.
  • Raw material manufactured at GMP facility that follows ISO and ICH Q7* guidelines.
Woodruff and Hutmacher, The return of a forgotten polymer-Polycaprolactone in the 21st century. P rog. Polym. Sci., 2010 * ICH Q7 ; Good Manufacturing Practice Guide for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, International regulations for the production and registration of pharmaceuticals

Complex structure of blockage/ flowage made real via 3D printing

  • Assured quality control and quality assurance via uniform production
  • Perfectly connected pore structure,resulting in fluent flow of oxygen and nutrients after bone graft
  • Accelerated bone regeneration
Dong-Woo Cho et al., Effect of pore architecture and stacking direction on mechanical properties of solid freeform fabrication-based scaffold for bone tissue enginering, J. Biomed. Mater. Res. A, 2012
Dong-Woo Cho et al., Stimulation of healing within a rabbit calvaria ldefect by a PCL/PLGA scaffold blended with TCP using solid freeform fabrication technoloyg, J Mater. Med., 2012

Membrane is sustained during bone regeneration

  • Long-lasting for over 6 months
  • Maintains secure position during bone regeneration
  • Full performance of soft tissue blockage & bone formation.
  • Excellent physical characteristics (High strength after hydration/ Stable applications for clinical cases/Constant & even clinical results)

Outstanding bone formation with β -TCP

  • Accelerated bone formation- emission of Ca2+ via decomposition of β -TCP
  • Effective regeneration, while blocking out soft tissue